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Visual Creative

and professional Sidekick

Cinematographer & Colorist 

I pride myself in being a well rounded, powerhouse creative and a quick-thinking 'professional sidekick'.

I've made it my mission to fill my background with a wide variety of production experience, in the name of being versatile and innovative in my ability to support any project I am a part of.

 I am always excited at opportunities to mix and match my various skills to create new and exciting productions.

A Creative at the Helm, or the Best Sidekick You've Ever Had

And connoisseur of Buffalo Chicken Calzones

On the film/video side, I have experience working on short films, commercial spots, music videos, quality YouTube videos, and a televised video sports magazine in positions including: director of photography, colorist, shader, camera assistant, gaffer, and special fx lighting designer. 

In the live performance world, I have a substantial background (and am still very active) in live lighting. Rock concerts, dance performances, you name it, I’ve lit it.  I am fortunate to have been able to work with such a variety of lighting fixtures.  This has lead to my most frequent (and favorite) supporting role on set being the Gaffer.

Combined with the skills I've learned on-set and in the field, my minor in Applied Imaging Systems (along with my rough background of electrical, computer, and robotic engineering) has allowed me to find new and creative ways to push the cameras and capture systems I use to get the exact look desired for each project, both creatively and technically.

This has proven especially handy during my three year run as the Camera Technician & Shader, and one year as the Technical Director on the Rochester, NY based live hockey broadcast SportsZone Live, where I constantly worked to redesigning and tweaking the picture profiles of all twelve cameras to provide the best looking picture possible.

At the end of the day, I live for putting smiles on faces; be it an audience at a concert, a client I'm shooting for, or a Director of Photography I'm gaffing for. Using any and all tricks up my sleeve, I make it my mission to push the projects I'm involved with to be as great as they possibly can be, and see that the expectations of those behind them are well exceeded.

Lead Production Roles



Live/SFX Lighting Designer


Support Production Roles


Camera Assistant

Camera Shader



Rochester Institute of Technology

Film & Animation BFA
  (Live Action, Cinematography craft-track)
Applied Imaging System Minor
Music Technologies Minor




Live Lighting

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